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Web Hosting

When you choose Mane Marketing Solutions as your trusted website design partner, you have a range of customisable choices surrounding website and server hosting. Our expert team are at your service to assist you in deciding which hosting service will be the best fit to deliver your unique business and websites goals.

We cater every hosting package to your unique business requirements. No matter how high your web traffic is or how intricate your hosting needs are, we will collaborate and work alongside you to find the most appropriate and profitable fit. We can offer your business both a shared server hosting and VPS hosting through our trusted work with UKFast. Our customers can be assured that they are receiving the finest service for you and your website at the most competitive prices.

Whilst many companies may know the exact kind of content or website they require, web hosting can be a difficult decision to make. Our website hosting team at Mane Marketing Solutions have a vast knowledge and varied experience in providing customised and cost efficient hosting plans that are designed to suit your needs. You can choose from both shared server hosting and virtual private hosting; it is all dependant on your websites traffic and specific needs.